Rumyana Tencheva, double bass player

Rumyana Tencheva, double bass player

Sofia Philharmonic/Classic FM Orchestra

If I wasn’t a musician I think I would’ve been a mathematician, I was really good at it. But because I come from a music family, my father prompted me to the music.

I love to listen to Sade, Depeche Mode, U2. That was in different time of my life…now I have two kids and it’s so noisy at home that I have no chance to listen to any music.

To the kids I play child songs for now, but they watch a lot of concerts on TV because they know mom and dad are playing there. I have two boys – 7 and 3 years old. The eldest one does not intend to become a musician, doesn’t want to play anything but the youngest one has a great desire to do it…at least for now, of course.

In the car I don’t listen to any music. I love to drive and this is the only time I can relax. No sounds, no noises, no music, just me, the road and the car.

One of my greatest dreams is to go to Japan. My husband was there several times and every time he’s back he tells so interesting stories about the people there…They really seem like they are from another planet!

This feeling… when the concert is over and the audience stands up on their feet and the applause starts…that is the greatest pleasure of all!

I will always remember a concert with Nigel Kennedy, about ten years ago, at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia in a crowded hall. It was new for me – the experience to play with a chamber orchestra. He is an extraordinary musician, that carries this incredible energy and power… The crowd went crazy. It was amazing!

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