Dimitar Tenchev, Cellist

Dimitar Tenchev, Cellist


When I was a child I was keen on electronics, psychology and astronomy. But at some point the music prevailed, with the time passing I understood all I was keen on is contained in it, and in my instrument. The cello is one of the most beautiful instruments – its sound, its timbre, its big range… I started growing up and all this chaotic knowledge I had inside me, I rediscovered in music.

I listen to rock and jazz music – “Toto”, “Chicago”, “Earth, Wind & Fire”, "Mezzoforte" are among my favorites.

If we talk about film music – “The Schindler’s list” soundtrack impresses me a lot. I am about to cry every time I listen to it!

I work at Chamber Orchestra Sofia Soloists, Quarto Quartet and Dragomir Yosifov’s “Musica Nova”.

Music didn’t take anything from me. I am lucky to do what I do. Yes, my profession is hard – it needs a great self-control, discipline, and things that make you look deep inside yourself and overcome something standing on your way. Sometimes, when you play a piece, you need to get out of yourself and your body, out of your own limitations and imperfections, to be truly self-critical and to be able to see yourself from aside.

When I make a sound with my instrument something changes inside me, and the people around me, even when I'm at a recording session in the studio. I don’t produce sounds, I create them.

I like to play solo and chamber music as well – I like everything that challenges me.

There is a slight outflow in the classical music in the moment, because the world is running really fast now and this music…this music comes from slower times, and it does not correspond to the intensity and pace of life these days.

Very often my colleagues, especially conductors, have insecurities before a concert like “Isn’t the concert going to be too short”? For the time we live in, especially for the classical music, where you need to put some intellectual effort while listening, the concerts should not be more than 60-70 minutes long.

I will never forget a concert with George Badev – Brahms Violin Concerto. As well as one with Yuri Bashmet. An amazing violist, an extraordinary orchestra! Another one I will always have in my heart is the concert with Mischa Maisky, two or three years ago, this thrill I experienced…there was life, a real performance and an absorption, which does not exist anymore, now it is more like “play what's written and go”!

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