Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay extra for royalties?
No, you don't. Each of the contracting services we provide comes with full royalty buyouts. The quote we will offer you is the total amount for the project. There will be no additional charges! What about the payments? All the payments are made by wire transfer to our local bank after we issue an invoice (the transfer fee is paid by the client). Each recording session is very unique and can vary in pricing. In order to see the total cost of your session, please use the contact form. Depending on your budget and needs, we can offer you different options - halls, musicians, equipment - that could lower the cost.
What is the minimum session time?
The minimum session time is 2 hours. 60-minute or 30-minute slots can be booked through shared sessions.
What is the minimum possible overtime slot?
The minimum overtime that can be booked is 30 minutes.
Can I book optional hours?
Yes, optional hours can be booked. They are charged only if used.
Do you offer video filming services?
Yes, we work with a professional video company. Packages available upon request.
Do you offer score preparation?
Yes, score prep from MIDI is a service we offer. We have a very efficient and flexible team of orchestrators ready to work with tight deadlines.
What materials should I provide for score preparation? Do you have any tips?

MIDI: It would be best if we can receive one midi file that includes everything that needs to be orchestrated as opposed to several midi files (strings.mid, woodwinds.mid, brass.mid, etc.) Make sure to write the desired articulation inside the midi region if there are multiple articulations on a single track. In case you are using keyswitches, please provide us with a list of what every keyswitch does. To avoid any time value errors, it is best that we receive a quantized midi. Make sure you name the tracks correctly (example: Violins 1 - Tremolo, rather than Instrument 26).

AUDIO: Stem files of each group of instruments, such as: strings, woodwinds, brass, percussions. In case there are a lot of different articulations playing at the same time within a single stem file, then please send the individual tracks (violins1, violins2, violas, etc.).

DOUBLE CHECK THE SENT FILES: One common issue we encounter is the mismatch between the midi’s tempo map and the audio files (they often start from different positions). In case the audio starts from a different bar, please make sure to reflect that in the audio file name.

NOTES: In case you have any requests regarding the orchestration, please provide us with notes.

Example 1: I would like to have the top voice played by second violins.

Example 2: Everyone should play tremolo at bar 10 except violas.

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