KIRIL PETROV, Percussionist

KIRIL PETROV, Percussionist

If I wasn’t a musician and I had followed my childhood dream, I would have been a garbage collector. This was my favorite thing to do – watching how they are in the back of the truck and travel to the end of the world.


Except for a musician, I am also a team building manager. It is connected with music and arts but it's still different from my typical amploa. What connects them, probably, is they both happen in front of an audience. In the beginning I started with organizing team buildings connected with drums. My job was to teach my clients to play in an hour. And after an hour and a half, I can say, they become a samba band. Rhythm is something very refreshing and energizing.


In my baby album there are pictures where I sit on the pot in an early morning, with a tarambuka in my hands. When I was 6 years old, my father told me that it was time for me to take my first lesson and brought me to Veselka Kostova who was part of the Poliritmia Ensemble. Then at 4th grade I entered the Music School and after to the Music Academy.


While I travel, I listen to Sara Tavares. She has an incredible album, and I especially like the song Balenceo. I have a favorite place in Greece and almost every time when I travel, I try to reach it for the exact moment this song is playing and once I'm there and the song is on, I must pass a bend from which a lagoon can be seen.


Greece is my favorite country. I must have been born there! All my grandmothers and grandfathers were born there. Every time I cross the border, I bristle because Greece is my second home. I desperately love the sea, summer is my season, August is my month because I manage to say to myself that everything else is “no” and only the sea is “yes”.


The film Omnipresent has a very strong impact with moving plot and masterfully made.


I am worried about the future of classical music and my fears are that it could turn out to be the music of sampling. Recently a lot of the movie soundtracks are actually made of samplings and at this situation, musicians go to the background. I understand that budgets are very important for the filmmaking and sometimes there is no way for the producers to give so much money for an orchestra, but in any case that is a very concerning situation.

Classical music has survived because of the people’s need of it and because its emotion is unique.


If I have to write a song and play it, it would be Between The Sheets – Fourplay with Chaka Khan. 

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