Sofia Session Studio

The home of Four For Music in Sofia is a multi-room studio complex with a recording stage that accommodates up to 70 musicians which allows large orchestras, choirs and big bands to be recorded.

The wide range of microphones and world-class equipment gives us the ability to execute the recording process tailored to your project, meeting your highest expectations.

Technical specifications

Neumann M 150 Tube 3
Neumann U87 7
Neumann U89 4
Coles (Ribbon) 4038 3
Neumann KM 84 9
Neumann(Stereo) USM69 2
Sennheiser MKH 80 1
DPA 4006 3
Schoeps pre-amp CMC 5 7
Schoeps Cardioid capsules MK 4 4
Schoeps Omni capsules MK 2 3
Schoeps Boundary layer capsules BLM 3 2
AEA (STEREO Ribbon) R88 1
Royer (Ribbon) R121 3
Sanken CU-32 2
Reslo (Ribbon) The Beeb 2
AKG  C414 EB P48 4
AKG  480 1
AKG D112 1
AKG D12 2
AKG D1200c 1
Shure  SM57 6
Shure SM58 1
Shure SM7 1
Shure beta 52A 1
Shure beta 57A 1
Heil sound PR20-UT 1
Sennheiser E902 2
Sennheiser E906 3
Sennheiser E609 1
Rode NT55 2
Sennheiser MD 421 4
Sennheiser MD-441 2
Oktava  Mk 012 2

Mac Pro 6.1 Avid HDX  
Millenia (8ch. mic pre) HV-3D x3
Solid State Logic Bus Compressor MkII
Solid State Logic SIGMA
Focusrite (8ch. mic pre) ISA828 
Avid HD IO x4 I/O 64x64
API Stereo Compressor 2500
Studer console 44/8/4 963
DBX Compressor 160 (x4)
Bricasti Reverb M7
Manley  Massive Passive EQ
Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor(x2)
Siemens  W295b Stereo EQ
Inward Connections The Brute(x2)
Dolby Model 360 Vocal Stressor card (x2)
Avid HD OMNI Monitor controll
Pro Tools HD 9, 10, 11,12,Ultimate
Cubase 6, 7, 8,9,10,11
Logic Pro X 10


Source_Connect Pro  
Steinway & Sons B-211 grand piano
DW drum set Collectors' series9(22 Kick,14 Snare,12 Tom Tom,14 Floor Tom,16 Floor Tom)
Marshall guitar amp head JCM 900
Marshall guitar cabinet 1960A 4x12 (x2)
Mesa Boogie amp head Dual Rectifier
Custom Headphones System services up to 90 people

THC Custom 5.1 main speakers

XTA DRP426 Controllers

MC2 Power Amps

Yamaha N10M  
Neumann KH420 x3(Studio B)  
Neumann KH870(Studio B)  
Neumann KH120 x10(Studio B)  
Genelec 1031A  
Genelec 1029  
Hafler SUB  

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