We are happy to announce the winners of the first edition of FFM Scoring Contest!

1st prize winner - Dario Durbé

2nd prize winner - Odysseas Papathanasiou Terzis

3rd prize winner - Alexandra Skevington

We'd like to congratulate the winners for their inspiring compositions and creative approach!

We'd also like to thank all the contestants for joining the competition and making the jury's work exciting.

You can hear the winning compositions at the Winners section below!



The goal of our prizes is to stimulate creative synergies and interaction between musicians. Here is what the three prizes include:

1st Prize

Preparation of scores and parts, recording with a 50-piece orchestra (10/8/6/4/3, 2/2/2/2, 4/2/3/1, Timpani) and mixing of the winning composition.
Feedback from the judges.
Sample libraries by Strezov Sampling:

2nd Prize

Feedback from the judges.
Sample libraries by Strezov Sampling:


3rd Prize

Feedback from the judges.
Sample libraries by Strezov Sampling:




Our Judges

Dominik Scherrer

Swiss-British composer Dominik Scherrer works from his studio in Spitalfields, London.
As well as composing for the screen he creates soundtracks for art installations and composes and directs opera for the screen. His film-opera Hell for Leather US-premiered at Sundance and went on to receive 10 awards. His score for the Amazon/BBC series Ripper Street received an Ivor Novello award, and in 2019 he received a further Ivor for his score for Netflix’s Requiem, made in collaboration with Bat for Lashes.
His score for the thriller series The Missing was nominated for a Primetime Emmy.

Recent scores include: The Serpent (Netflix), The Tourist (HBO), Baptiste (BBC) and The Widow (Amazon).

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Georgi Elenkov PhD
Lecturer, Conductor and Producer

Georgi Elenkov is a lecturer in the “Conducting” department in the National Academy of Music (in Bulgaria), who got his PhD degree in 2015. For nearly ten years now, he has been deputy conductor of the Patriarchal Cathedral “St. Alexander Nevsky” mixed choir. Georgi has also been music producer at the Bulgarian National Radio, where he is responsible for opera, vocal, chamber and choir recording sessions since 2012.

Georgi has also extensive experience in conducting and producing recording sessions for films, games, albums, and individual pieces at Four For Music. He has worked on numerous international productions, such as: Solo: A Star Wars Story, The Crown, Catch-22, The Lighthouse, The Sandman, The Serpent, Asgard's Wrath, Assassin's Creed: Odyssey and many more.

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George Strezov
Composer, conductor and producer

George Strezov of Four for Music is an award-winning composer, conductor and orchestrator who was always passionate about film music - he started working when he was merely 15 years old and since then he has made the music for various projects, such as the TV series "Durvoto na Zhivota" ("The Tree of Life"), "Na Granitsata" ("On The Frontier"), the movies "Shibil", "Petya of my Petya", "The Blessed", "Corpse Collector", "Uncle Claus", "Last Call", the critically acclaimed short films "Lighthouse Woman", "69", "Every pilgrim's way",  the opening music for 2012's Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championship and many more, including music for video games like "Surviving Mars", "Victor Vran", Masthead's "Guns & Robots", "Strength of the Sword Ultimate". He has also written music for theatre, TV, radio, commercials & concert works.

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Lyubomir Denev JR
Conductor and Composer

Lyubomir Denev JR PhD is a conductor and composer born in Sofia, Bulgaria in1988. In 2019 he was awarded third prize at The Los Angeles Conducting Competition, in 2021 was awarded with “Stefan Linev” prize. He has been the principal conductor of Pioneer Youth Philharmonic since 2010 and was the music director and principal conductor of Sofia Session Orchestra at the recording company Four For Music from 2012 to 2019. With the Sofia Session Orchestra Denev has conducted scores by Alan Silvestri, Ennio Morricone, Harry and Rupert Gregson-Williams, Dominik Scherrer, Brian Tyler, Thomas Bergersen, Mario Grigorov, George Strezov, Penka Kouneva as well as music for the TV series ‘The Crown’, ‘Ripper Street’, the video games LEGO Dimensions, LEGO Marvel’s ‘Avengers’, LEGO ‘The Incredibles’.

Denev’s music, arrangements and orchestrations have been performed and recorded for dozens of live concerts, TV and cinema projects and radio broadcasts in the USA, UK, Germany, Austria and Bulgaria. Many orchestras performed Denev’s music such as The Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra, Sofia Philharmonic, Cyprus Symphony Orchestra, Sofia Session Orchestra and others.

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Boris Radilov
Cellist and Producer

Boris Radilov is a producer and cellist at Four For Music. He has collaborated with composers and musicians on various scores for TV series, films, and games. The impressive number of projects he has worked on includes titles like: The Witcher (season 2), His Dark Materials, Catherine the Great, Years and Years, Outcast 2: A New Beginning, Los Eidolons, Midsomer Murders and many more.

Boris has served as the principal cellist of many orchestras and chamber ensembles. Currently he is a member of the Sofia Soloists Chamber Orchestra. Boris holds master’s degrees from National Music Academy ‘Prof. Pancho Vladigerov’ in Sofia.


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Nikola Bozadzhiev
Film Director

Nikola Bozadzhiev is a young director, screenwriter and producer in the beginning of his 20s. Despite that he has just began his journey through his second decade in life, now at the age of 22, he already took leading role as part of the creative team of highly recognized circus, theatre and film productions in his country.

His own film feature debut as screenwriter and director - Shibil, had turned into an international success of high value in the independent film industry with its high track record, amounting to 158 awards in 19 categories and 55 countries.

Recently, Bozadzhiev has been the recipient of the prestigious Platinum REMI award for the film "Shibil" which put his debut name among others well-known leading film professionals.

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First Clapper’s projects are fully ancillary to the principle ‘learning by doing’, where the imagination meets gravity.
Young creatives manage industry professionals, who in return protect and assist in accomplishing their ideas during the whole process of the project’s realization.
In a real working environment, knowledge and skills can be attained, professionally adequate reflexes can be cultivated, so that the final product has both creative and commercial value. 


Strezov Sampling was founded by full time composers, who were in need of easy to use sampling tools, without the requirement to add hours of programming to achieve realistic and professional sounding results. Especially known for unrivaled virtual choirs Strezov Sampling pushes the boundaries of what is possible to achieve with sampling right from its foundation in 2012. Strezov Sampling products can be heard in countless Triple A productions used by topnotch composers and music producers around the globe.

2022 Winners

1st Prize - Dario Durbé

2nd Prize - Odysseas Papathanasiou Terzis

3rd Prize - Alexandra Skevington

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