Georgi Elenkov - Conductor, Producer, Co-Founder of Four for Music

Georgi Elenkov - Conductor, Producer, Co-Founder of Four for Music

What I like the most in my work at Four for Music is that there are a lot of interesting projects happening in a short period of time. In a month we are recording different music for films, games, albums, recording various composers... The diversity is on the bright side, of course, there are hardships as well - a lot of stress, issues that occur... Still, we are not like the conventional orchestras which have rehearsals over a week, preparing for a single concert and that is good. On the other hand, we haven’ t got the opportunity to go into details, or if we do, we should succeed in doing so at the moment. One should have a concrete type of thinking and reaction - a fast one.

The biggest challenge for our business today is lack of people, here in Bulgaria. The financial conditions for the classical musicians are not adequate to the market, I would say. And the main obstacle for us in future might be if there will be enough young people that will be available for such an intensive schedule of projects. And still, we are lucky to work with talented young musicians.

I wouldn’t choose to be an instrument, given the opportunity to use the human voice, which is the ultimate, the most sophisticated musical instrument. I am not accidentally talking about vocal music, I have always been working with vocals and I have been part of various ensembles and choirs. The voice has the widest range of opportunities as it comes to details and colours, whilst an instrument is always constrained. We are often using these abilities and we have even recorded effects using the human voice. The effects when using voices have no limits - there is a certain range of course, but the variety is enormous.

The most important thing that I would like my children to learn is that they should try to be the best in what they do. They have the liberty to choose what they do and my elder son is developing in the sphere of classical music, which I do not necessarily think is the best direction.... The important thing is that you are good at what you do no matter the sphere.

How does happiness sound!? As it is sung for sure. I am a very happy man, particularly with the environment we have created here. The mere fact that you can say everything, that you can tell any joke. I am very glad about the opportunity to have built such a place.

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