George Strezov - Composer, Conductor, Co-Founder of Four for Music

George Strezov - Composer, Conductor, Co-Founder of Four for Music

What I love the most about our work is that every project that we make is connected with the thing that we love - music. Besides, there is no chance that our work becomes boring as each project is different and a challenge - not only that it brings something new from a musical point of view, but it is also a challenge for each of us as professionals. With every musical project I work on, I feel that I learn so many new things as a musician and further develop my craft! I've never imagined the impact, that this opportunity to collaborate with people, will have on my life; with people across the globe who are incredibly talented composers, arrangers, orchestrators and musicians and also with the best musicians in my country, people who I admired and listened to when I was starting out. 

The biggest challenge that business faces today may be the loss of human contact. The connection between performance and music and art overall is missing. There are various reasons behind that - the budget being the most prominent, of course. A lot of the productions haven’t got the financial possibility to be performed by live musicians. I am not talking specifically and solely about film scoring or game themes, but for pop music as well. And that primal human performance in my opinion is something that we should overcome in order to bring the music back to the levels it has been in the 70-s, 80-s etc.

If I could be an instrument, it would probably be cello.  As it is the closest to the human timbre and voice. It can express warmth, suffering, drama, tension - all that gathered in one musical instrument. 

The biggest lesson I’d like my children to learn is that they should be hard-working. They should value labour.  And not only their own, but also appreciate the efforts and work of people around them.

Happiness sounds as a well-tuned orchestra in which 80 individuals breathe as one.

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