FFM THE SOUNDTRACK PODCAST - S3, EP3 with Yannick Süß and Robin Birner from Audinity

FFM THE SOUNDTRACK PODCAST - S3, EP3 with Yannick Süß and Robin Birner from Audinity

Yannick and Robin are talking about the way they got into composing music for games and how they started their company AudinityThey share some thoughts and details about their mutual work and creative process and what has helped them build a successful partnership for over a decade now.

The guests of this episode of Four For Music the Soundtrack Podcast are Yannick Süß and Robin Birner, renowned for their work on games with historical setting, city building and RPG genres like: ”Knights of Honor II: Sovereign”, “Victoria 3”, “Foundation”, “ Spacebase Startopia” and many more. 


Finding a new angle on something you are used to and that you know that works well, keeping things simple, striking the right balance between too active and generic music when an ambient score is written and more - hear what the speakers have to say about the challenges in game music composing.

Some of the themes on focus in the second part of the podcast are: what are the important  things and potential issues to consider when it comes to producing a soundtrack; the significance of arrangement and orchestration for the final outcome; recording on stems vs recording an entire orchestra. 

Yannick also shares a bit about his experience with game music concerts. He is talking about the opportunities for a wider audience and the difficulties concerning the organization and the curation process for the concert program.

In the final minutes you’ll find the answers to our blitz questions - which are the favorite soundtracks of Robin and Yannick, what their dream project is and what would their advice be if they were to start composing for games today. 

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