This first episode of S3 is with Seth Tsui, a musician and composer who has written scores for various films and games including China’s most popular game (王者荣耀) Honor of Kings. He has also been involved in creating sample libraries and is currently working as Composition Supervisor for Riot Games.


The conversation begins with a couple of words for Jade Evolutions -  a sample library which gives the possibility to morph between different sounds on XY Pad and thus create playable textures. Seth Tsui is talking about what it was for him to be able to work on a signature library and shares some insider information on how it was recorded.

In this first part of the podcast you will also hear about Seth's background as an instrumentalist and how it has affected his career and work. He also mentions how playing in a jazz band has helped him reading and responding to the audience's reactions.

The specifics when it comes to game music composing is the next theme on focus. How people's expectations about the character influences the score, what kind of freedom composing for games gives compared to writing scores for films and TV series - George and Seth share some thoughts.

Later, in the middle part of the conversation, Seth is telling a bit more about his professional path, which began with playing a trombone in an orchestra. He talks about the challenges and inspirations in his career and gives insights on how he had succeeded in starting to work in the game industry. George and Seth are discussing the opportunities that a young composer can take advantage of, especially when it comes to locations outside LA and London.

Some of the topics in the second part include: the differences between Eastern and Western companies in terms of technology used and the composing process. Seth is also talking about his current work and shares some details on how he got hired at Riot Games.

The final minutes of the podcast are reserved for our Blitz questions from which you’ll learn what is Seth Tsui's dream project and which his favorite soundtracks are. Enjoy listening! 

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