High-quality orchestra and choir recording services with the finest musicians in Bulgaria. We provide different configurations of instruments and variety of ensembles to meet your projects needs.

Service list

Score preparation

Transforming the MIDI in the exact orchestra score, with parts entirely prepared to be performed by the conductor and the musicians.

Orchestra recording

Strings, woodwinds, brass, percussions.

Traditional Bulgarian Instruments

Kaval, Tambura, Bulgarian bagpipes, tupan, gadulka and others

Choir recording

Female, male, mixed, children, orthodox and Bulgarian folk choirs.

Brass band &brass combo recording

From the most celebrated musicians on the Bulgarian jazz scene.

Contracting service with a full royalty buyout

No additional charges.

Conductor for the recording session

The finest and experienced professionals in the orchestra and choir conducting.

Recording session librarian

A remote session librarian takes care of writing down the details, comments and ideas for each take of your session.

Printing of the score and parts

We take care of printing the score and parts for your recording session.

Real-time audio streaming

We are streaming your recording session live, so you are able to hear and watch and comment in real time.

Fast turnaround

We start uploading the files from your session when it's done, so they will be at your disposal as soon as possible.


We can provide team to film your recording session upon request.

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