Shared sessions announced in April & May

Shared sessions announced in April & May

After receiving numerous enquiries concerning the possibility of a shared session, we are happy to announce that we are reserving the dates between 20th to 25th of April and 15th to 20th of May for shared sessions with various ensembles. Studio time, session producer, technicians, conductor, administration and musician's fees will be divided among numerous projects, which provides for a cost-efficient recording opportunity. 

What are the benefits:

  • a possibility to book an orchestra for 1 hour or less, depending on your needs (the standard being 5/6 minutes of recorded music per hour)
  • flexible time slots
  • cost efficiency
  • remotely monitoring the recording process via high quality audio stream + direct communication with the control room via Skype.

We offer a 750 EUR price per 30 minutes for booking a session with a full string ensemble (12-10-8-6-4). Custom configurations of strings/brass/woodwinds/percussion/choir are available according to your needs.

Use this opportunity to bring your music to life, performed by the top Bulgarian singers and instrumentalists. 

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