Composition, Arrangement, Orchestration Composition, Arrangement, Orchestration
Composition, Arrangement, Orchestration

Our team incorporates the expertise and creativity of award-winning composers, specialized in different styles of music to provide the most powerful musical environment for your project.

Recording Recording

Our Sofia Session Orchestra & Choir has gathered the finest studio musicians in Bulgaria, providing recording services in symphonic, choral music, Bulgarian folk music, big band and jazz.

Post-Production Post-Production

Done by the leading professionals in Bulgaria working together with the session producer and the sound engineer from your recording session, making sure that sound design, editing, mixing and mastering reflects your vision for the project, which is best communicated during the session.



Created by Four For Music, Sofia Session Orchestra & Choir (Sofia SO) provides the leading recording services in Bulgaria.

Strings, woodwinds, brass, percussions, Bulgarian folk instruments, different types of choirs – mixed, male, female, children, folk and Orthodox voices; as well as big band and jazz combo are all gathered under the name of Sofia SO.

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Our clients

Warner Bross
Creative Assembly


The home of Four For Music in Sofia is a multi-room studio complex with a recording stage that accommodates up to 70 musicians which allows large orchestras, choirs and big bands to be recorded.

The wide range of microphones and world-class equipment gives us the ability to execute the recording process tailored to your project, meeting your highest expectations.

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On 21/Aug/2020 Four For Music Ltd. signed a contract for grant № BG16RFOP002-2.073-9524-C01 - Operational programme "Innovations and Competitiveness 2014-2020", procedure № BG16RFOP002-2.073 - "Overcoming the shortage of funding and the lack of liquidity caused by the epidemic outbreak of COVID-19" and "Improving production capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)" of Operational programme "Innovations and Competitiveness 2014-2020".

The total value of the grant is 10,000 BGN, of which 8500 BGN are from EU and 1500 BGN from national funding.

Beginning: 21/Aug/2020
Ending: 21/Nov/2020

The final goal of the grant is to increase the productive output capacity of Four For Music Ltd and to overcome the shortage of funding and the lack of liquidity caused by the epidemic outbreak of COVID-19.

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